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Exposure is the degree of ease in which a threat agent can execute a threat against a given asset.

  • It is a misconception to think that network assets are not targets because they contain no data of value.  Exposed clients and servers themselves are enticing targets to cyber criminals for botnet recruitment or other nefarious purposes

  • Systems that house confidential or protected information could be prone to data leakage from any number of means, both unintentionally and otherwise - An unfortunate amount of data has been exposed through the common practice of transporting and/or storing unencrypted files containing sensative data on what would eventually become lost or stolen laptops and jump drives

  • Threat Agents represent anyone or anything capable of initiating an attack on a computer or system, such as a hacker, a virus, malicious web pages, a script kiddie, a disgruntled employee, or an Advanced Persistent Threat, to name a few

Exposure is mitigated and the impact of breaches are minimized through the proper combination of layered secuity controls, policies, and practices

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